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Make a positive life investment – you’re so worth it.

Joanne created the essential Authentic Confidence Training Course to remind you of your natural value. Authentic Confidence flows from knowing your worth and embracing it. This intensive integrates essential life skills and teachings on assertiveness, emotional intelligence and spiritual development. Authentic Confidence includes cognitive behavioural therapy, transpersonal psychology, and lessons from Joanne’s thirty-five-years plus as a leading personal development coach. This 10-hour course is taught in a therapeutic environment to small groups of 12 to 20 people across four or five separate sessions each lasting between 2 and 3 hours. Each course Joanne teaches is fresh with new writings and insights. Each course is custom created. Give yourself the life-enhancing gift of The Authentic Confidence Training Course today.

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In each session, Joanne teaches various principles of Authentic Confidence to help identify and remove barriers to confidence and promote self-trust and balance.

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Each stimulating session includes a structured theme on life-management and spiritual development with time for group discussion and a transformational practice.

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You’ll receive substantial course materials with all the essential teachings, top takeaways and transformational exercises to help you apply the training in daily life.

About the course
Key Topics
Primary Outcomes

Notes on the Authentic Confidence course

Authentic Confidence classes begin with a structured talk / lesson from Joanne followed by group discussion on that theme. With the exception of the first class, each session begins with a short review of insights gained as well as the transformational exercises in the previous session and people’s experiences. The course progresses forward in each session. It is strongly recommended that all sessions are attended.

Please be assured that participants do not have to share anything personal with the others in the group. However, the group interaction is stimulating and can be great fun, and all input is welcome. Some participants prefer to listen and absorb; others enjoy participating. Each approach is welcome.

We do stop for a short break to refresh.

There’s plenty of time for Q & A time with Joanne.

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Your Worth Is Beyond Debate

“Recognising your worth is an essential element in developing authentic confidence and fulfilling your potential. Changing our lives begins with changing our way of thinking. This alone can bring more peace and simple joy to daily life. It’s time to take a fresh look at yourself and a fresh look at your opportunities and all you have to offer. The world might be unstable, but we don’t have to be. Work with me in The Authentic Confidence Training Course and I will help you find your inner-balance and stability.”

Joanne Reid Rodrigues

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