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Founder of Slimming Together and Authentic Confidence and author of Slim, Happy & Free.

Welcome to the official home of Slimming Together and Authentic Confidence and all things relating to my work. I’m Joanne Reid Rodrigues and I’d love to work with you! If you’d like to lose excess weight and get healthier, I can help you succeed. Join me for your PURE FOOD RESET – I’ll teach you how to reset your appetite and your weight while boosting your health, mood and energy. My work has a serious track record of success! My teachings integrate science-based nutrition, stress-management, cognitive behavioural therapy, and spiritual nourishment to feed your mind and soul with positive energy. Depending on your goals, you might consider my Slimming Together programme or my Authentic Confidence Training Course – or perhaps both. My 1-2-1 Coaching can help you enjoy a greater sense of aliveness, joy, and peace. My aim is to make you aware of your innate worth and help you feel empowered and ready to embrace success. Please sign up for my newsletters or use the Contact page to get in touch. If you’re ready to rejuvenate your life, let’s work together. Start living the life you want right now. I will help you!” Joanne Reid Rodrigues



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Joanne’s Philosophy – Loving Who You Are

Joanne is devoted to raising awareness of every human being’s value. She encourages people to honour their physical body, while endorsing their worth as a path to healing and transformation. Joanne’s philosophy is respectful living – respect for self, for others, and for the natural world. At Slimming Together, Authentic Confidence and during 1-2-1 Private Coaching, Joanne aims to create an environment where you are respected, valued and recognised, and where you feel welcome.


"I broke the habits of a lifetime and I transformed my mindset, and my way of life. If you'd like to lose excess weight and improve your vitality and confidence, I can show you how. I’d love to be your coach and guide you on the life transformation path.

Joanne Reid Rodrigues

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