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Founder of Slimming Together and Authentic Confidence and author of Slim, Happy & Free.

“Dearest Friends – during these extraordinary times, I wish you and your loved ones well. My Slimming Together programme is currently operating online only. Please sign up for my newsletter or contact us via our contact page. May I also take this opportunity to let you know that my private coaching Skype Clinic is available, regardless of where in the world you live. For stress management, nutrition, and cognitive behavioural therapy to alleviate fear and to balance emotions and end emotional overeating or drinking, it will be my pleasure to help you during this challenging phase of life. Beautiful people, just remember that this storm will pass, and the sun will shine once more. Till then and always, I am in your corner. Together we can flourish. Love and Blessings. Joanne Reid Rodrigues 



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Joanne’s Philosophy – Loving Who You Are

Joanne is devoted to raising awareness of every human being’s value. Joanne encourages people to honour their physical body, while endorsing their worth as a path to healing and transformation. Joanne’s philosophy is respectful living – respect for self, for others, and for the natural world. The Joanne Reid Rodrigues brand logo is symbolised by the 6-pointed star as it represents our highest potential. The lines in the star represent the many people from all walks of life who join Joanne on the Life Transformation Path. The star and pathways are within the circle of life. YOU are the star. The starting point is loving who you are.

Together We Can Flourish

"I broke the habits of a lifetime and I transformed my mindset, and my way of life. If you'd like to lose excess weight and improve your vitality, I can show you how. I’d love to be your guide on the life transformation path…"

Joanne Reid Rodrigues

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