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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Therapist

Joanne Reid Rodrigues is a qualified, registered nutritional therapist and qualified, registered cognitive behavioural therapist – she has been studying, writing about, and teaching her life-management and weight-management programme for more than thirty years. Joanne is one of the UK’s foremost therapists and life-management trainers. She is the author of Life Transformation Diet and Slim, Happy & Free. Since founding Slimming Together in 1986, aged just twenty-four, she has enjoyed a successful career as an internationally-acclaimed inspirational speaker, a writer, and a trainer in both the private and corporate sectors. In 2008, she established Authentic Confidence, for those ready to take their personal development to the next level. Joanne frequently appears in both print and broadcast media. Joanne has recently gained two additional Professional Qualifications in PTSD Management and Advanced Stress Management.

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Los Angeles, California

Joanne lived in Los Angeles, California for some years. She presented her intensives at The Agape International Spiritual Centre at Buckingham Parkway, Culver City. In addition, she taught her Slimming Together programme for The City of Malibu and The Los Angeles LGBT center in West Hollywood, The Learning Curve; and the Bodhi Tree on Melrose. She gave keynotes at various venues in Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.

Agent of Transformation

Today, more than thirty years after her own life transformation, Joanne has a zest for life. Her Slimming Together & Authentic Confidence courses and intensives are popular with people in the private sector and business community who enjoy her customised training events. Joanne’s clients include medical practitioners and mental health specialists and people in law, politics, finance, and other business paths, and those in performing arts.

A Trusted Professional

Joanne’s method is respected by many doctors and healthcare professionals. Many of Joanne’s clients were recommended to her by their doctor.

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