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Authentic Confidence

Joanne knows that everyone's deepest need is to feel valued, respected, recognised, and loved. In Authentic Confidence, Joanne reminds you that your worth is beyond debate. As we treat ourselves, we set the standard for others to follow.

The Authentic Confidence Training Course

We all like to feel confident. Yet, all too often people present a confident image while secretly battling fear and self-doubt. The results are stress, anxiety, even depression and imposter syndrome.

In a world where competition is rife and material growth is prized above spiritual growth – where the development of the intellect is prized above the development of emotional intelligence – many people accomplish and acquire many things, while finding that happiness, joy, and peace of mind elude them.

Confidence is having trust in your ability to handle life as it unfolds. Authentic confidence is genuine, not fake. In the arena of daily life, we’re given many challenges. Keeping our hearts open during confrontations with difficult people helps us develop courage and compassion. Maintaining our balance during daily trials helps us develop resilience and strength. These qualities engender authentic confidence.

In this empowering training course, Joanne explores your true spiritual identity to eliminate false, self-limiting beliefs that feed fear and diminish life-force.

This course analyses life situations that affect us all and imparts practical ways to develop self-trust. You’ll receive course modules, lovingly written by Joanne, with essential guidance and salient points to help you reflect on the sessions and absorb the teachings. The course materials include exercises, both introspective and action-oriented to help you continue the training once the course is completed. And the course modules are yours to keep forever.