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We fully respect your privacy and we are completely committed to protecting your details and to complying with all aspects of GDPR. We will never ever share your information with anyone. We are committed to treating you the way we would wish to be treated.

Private coaching sessions with Joanne provide time exclusively for you.

Joanne is based at Health Point Clinic, Suite 2.4B, The Lido Medical Centre, Jersey. Joanne also provides coaching sessions via Zoom.

Joanne coaches on a range of subjects including nutrition and dietary interventions for health conditions and weight-management. She also coaches on menopausal weight loss, stress-management and developing authentic confidence. Health Point Clinic offers a pristine, relaxing therapeutic environment where you can talk to Joanne in the strictest privacy and confidence.

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Leadership Coaching with Joanne

Joanne provides leadership coaching for people in managerial positions or those aspiring to further their career.

Corporate Presentations

Joanne is an accomplished speaker, coach and trainer. Her educational and inspiring presentations can be tailored to your company’s needs. Joanne can help your personnel to manage stress, improve mood, sleep, work-life balance and overall wellbeing with nutrition and stress-management tools.

Workplace Stress Management

Joanne can provide confidential in-house stress-management sessions to your staff, in a group or individually.

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I was glued to the entire recording and even searched for any books on Audible by Joanne because I engaged so strongly with her content and presentation style. I have already diarized to join the next presentation, but I thank you for this; it is totally on the right spot of what kind of topics we need to hear as busy working people. I really enjoyed it and please pass my compliments to Joanne for a 10 out of 10 scored session (which is very hard to get from someone as demanding as me!)

Senior Executive at Accuro Fiduciary

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