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Principles of Health & Vitality WEBINARS via Zoom

Principles of Health & Vitality WEBINARS via Zoom


Many lifestyle diseases and illnesses are preventable. JOIN JOANNE IN A SERIES OF INSPIRING WEBINARS – NEW DATES COMING SOON FOR AUTUMN 2022. Joanne will show you how to begin making the right dietary and lifestyle choices that can radically improve your physical health, and have a significant impact on mental wellness. Learn The Principles of Health & Vitality. A detailed description of this course is outlined below.


Principles of Health & Vitality Dates

Joanne teaches The Principles of Health & Vitality on ZOOM commencing NEW DATES COMING SOON FOR AUTUMN 2022

Enjoy THREE one-hour webinars with Joanne Reid Rodrigues PLUS a bonus webinar on stress-management. Here are the dates & times of the webinars:

Well, Well, Well – Let Your Life Flourish

Health and peace of mind are our true wealth. Throughout the ages, each civilisation has encountered challenges, obstacles, and even diseases pertaining to their particular era. Twenty-first century living is no exception. In these modern times, stress and depression are prevalent in society. Diet and lifestyle play a critical role in alleviating stress and depression. Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many types of cancer can be prevented with the right dietary structure and active lifestyle. Our mental and emotional state also play a key role in the state of our physical health. The effects of lockdown have taken a toll on many people’s psyche. Join us for these encouraging, uplifting, and inspirational webinars and let’s boost our vitality.

Key Topics for Principles of Health & Vitality

  • * Key lifestyle habits to help prevent Type 2 diabetes
  • * Key lifestyle habits to help prevent many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and macular degeneration
  • * Guidance for alleviating symptoms of IBS, IBD, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions
  • * Everything you need to know about sugar
  • * How to read labels to detect hidden sugars
  • * The delicious, healthful foods with natural sugar that you CAN eat
  • * Balancing blood sugar levels to eliminate cravings for junk foods
  • * The best carbohydrates (and the worst)
  • * The best fats and oils (and the worst)
  • * How our mental health, stress, traumas, adverse childhood experiences affect our physical health
  • *Therapeutic interventions for stress-management
  • *Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to alleviate stress-producing thinking
  • *Relaxation techniques
  • * Nutrigenomics – how diet affects our gene expression, specifically with the role diet plays in preventing or treating illness or disease
  • *A bonus webinar, inspiring confidence and purpose and constructive living.

Notes on The Principles of Health & Vitality Webinars

During each of the 4 webinars Joanne will answer your questions