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A better relationship with food and a new way of life

Slimming Together presents an intelligent approach to weight loss and personal development for men and women. Our classes integrate nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy and life-management. The programme is structured to educate and encourage members in a variety of healthful lifestyle topics and to gain awareness and control of emotionally-driven overeating, alcohol consumption, and other self-defeating behaviours. If you’re ready to release excess weight, embrace your self-worth and make healthier lifestyle choices, come and join us at Slimming Together. We’d love to welcome you and help you achieve your goals.

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The weekly weigh-in is conducted respectfully and confidentially. Our ethos is giving you only positive endorsement and encouragement all the way. Your dignity is always our priority.

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A highly effective, family-friendly healthy Mediterranean-style eating plan to help you eliminate ultra processed foods and eat more pure foods to improve health and vitality. It's a new way of life.

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Be inspired by thought-provoking talks on subjects including nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress-and-life-management. Relax and receive, recharge and refresh as you develop new life skills.

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We warmly welcome you…

If you’d like to enrol or re-enrol in Slimming Together, we’d be delighted to welcome you. Our classes provide a positive environment where you will be encouraged and supported in achieving your goals. Because our programme goes way beyond diet alone, we can help you get to the root of any emotional overeating and other self-defeating habits that might be holding you back. If you’ve felt stuck, we can help you move forward. We can support you in make lasting constructive changes in your mindset and lifestyle. If you’re returning to Slimming Together after a while, whether a few months or years, please be assured that we will be very glad to welcome you. For us, each day is a new day – an opportunity to start afresh. We are here for you. We’re in your corner. Please join us and let’s get started.

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38 Years of Loving Who You Are!

“2024 marks Slimming Together's 38th Anniversary. I’m still passionate about teaching Slimming Together classes on Jersey. And now that I can Livestream on Zoom, I love teaching my Slimming Together and Authentic Confidence intensives to a wider audience. Passion is simply loving what we do. For me, it’s natural and easy to be passionate about encouraging people to value themselves and honour their physical body. This is my life work. I believe in the goodness and potential of all people.”

Joanne Reid Rodrigues

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