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Slimming Together Classes in Jersey

Enrol in Slimming Together and enjoy an inspirational and educational class experience each week – Slimming Together classes will help you raise your feel-good factor and achieve your goals.

Slimming Together 2022

Join us at Slimming Together. Your course at Slimming Together needs to be pre-booked before arriving at the venue. Contact us at to book your place and then purchase your course on our enrolment page. The full schedule below is now on. Join us and achieve your goals at Slimming Together in 2022.



Trinity Parish Hall, Trinity




The Good Companions Club

Rue de Maupertuis St. Clement



The Good Companions Club

Rue de Maupertuis St. Clement



St. Peter's School

St. Peter



The Church House, Town Church

St. Helier (starts January 6th)

Classes last 50 minutes. Members are required to stay to the full class. Classes must be pre-booked and pre-paid. Get in touch with us – email to ask any questions or to book your place