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Rules & Etiquette

To help ensure your Slimming Together experience is positive, please take a moment to read our House Rules – everything is in place to help everyone enjoy our classes and get the maximum benefit from the experience.

House Rules

  • At Slimming Together, we do not allow any of our members to “weigh and go” – no exceptions. Slimming Together is a structured programme and members are required to stay for the full class. If you are unable to stay for the full class, you cannot attend just to be weighed. When attending your class, please ensure you can stay for the full class. Please respect this essential house rule – it’s in place for your benefit.
  • Slimming Together courses run consecutively and classes unattended cannot be reclaimed. Refunds are given only on the rare occasion that a class is cancelled by Slimming Together. Circumstances such as illness, work, holidays, or personal commitments are not counted for refunds. Courses are non-transferable.
  • Class Etiquette

    • Please arrive on time as latecomers often interrupt the flow.
    • Please do not text or read emails during the class talk since this can be distracting for the speaker and for those sitting nearby.
    • Please feel free to bring a healthful snack or meal and eat once you’ve been weighed – munch away during the talk. In winter months, a flask of hot soup is a perfect way to warm up and feel comfortable. We like you to be well nourished and energised for in this way you’ll enjoy the class so much more, and you’ll absorb the teachings.
    • You can attend your Slimming Together class without being weighed. There is no need for any little anxieties that people might feel from time to time feel about being weighed. The scale is an inanimate object – it is merely an instrument to measure your weight. Give the scale no authority over your mood. At Slimming Together, we measure your progress by so much more than the feedback from the scale. We value you immensely, and we value your input, feedback and interaction. It’s the people that make Slimming Together such a unique, wonderful programme. Your presence in our classes is richly appreciated.