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70lbs / 5 stone / 32 kgs

“Joanne’s Forgiveness & Mindfulness course was so powerful and intensely healing. I’ve felt a huge shift.”

Diane Leith


37lbs/ 2 stone 9lbs / 16.5 kgs

“Your Forgiveness & Mindfulness course was superb. A lot of doors opened and understanding took place.”

Annie and Olivia


42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs


42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs


26lbs/ 1 stone 12lbs / 11.8 kgs


28lbs/ 2 stone / 12.7 kgs

“Your Authentic Confidence and Forgiveness & Mindfulness courses have transformed my outlook - totally life-changing.”

Nicki Ilton


28lbs/ 2 stone /12.7 kgs