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“More than weight loss, Joanne’s cognitive behavioural therapy and wellness talks have had a strong effect on my confidence, which has escalated.”

Emily 42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs

Emily says: “Since enrolling in Joanne’s Slimming Together, I can’t believe what I’ve achieved. Much more than weight loss, Joanne’s cognitive behavioural therapy and wellbeing talks have had a strong effect on my self-confidence, which has escalated. I’ve become a happier, chirpier, funnier person! As a designer, it’s important that I have confidence to share ideas and offer opinions. I used to hold back, but Joanne has instilled a new sense of self-worth in me that has given me the confidence to speak up and express myself. I feel more creative, excited, and enthusiastic.

Joanne’s programme has taught me how to change my mindset, so much so that last month I decided to take myself right out of my comfort zone and participate in a tandem skydive, something I always said I’d never do! The experience was incredible, and proved that I was no longer the shy 20-something who would hold back. Joanne is an incredible inspiration, who keeps motivation running week after week. She never judges and has an amazing energy and smile that greets everyone with a warmth. I find Joanne’s talks so informative. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and it has completely opened my eyes. Attending classes with my husband, James, our experience of Joanne’s Slimming Together programme has been wholly positive; I’m so glad we took the Life Transformation Path.”