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“This approach is very unique and we’re lucky to have Joanne here on Jersey – I love going to my Slimming Together classes.”

Emma 28lbs/ 2 stone / 12.7 kgs

Emma says: “After many years of yo-yo dieting, I made the decision that this time I would succeed, and with Joanne’s encouragement, I am succeeding. Before attending Slimming Together, I didn’t realise how important the cognitive and emotional aspects were in making the changes I’d wanted for so long – I’d always thought it was only about what we consume. Joanne is a cognitive behavioural therapist and a nutritional therapist and she blends this together so well to bring a holistic approach. We learn so much at Slimming Together classes that helps us in every area of our lives – it’s not just all about weight. This approach is very unique and we’re lucky to have Joanne here on Jersey.

I love going to my Slimming Together classes – even if you feel low, you always come out full of positive energy and refreshed, ready to start again. Joanne shares so much information on so many different subjects – she is absolutely amazing. She has guided me in taking control of my weight and this has given me the confidence to take control of other areas of my life too. Life is definitely better in so many ways since I joined Slimming Together.”