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“In the initial months after joining Slimming Together, I was aware of how much more energy I had and how active I felt.”

James 42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs

James says: “As someone who has always struggled to keep my weight under control, it’s been great to find a weight loss programme that has completely transformed my life. In the initial months after joining Slimming Together, I was aware of how much more energy I had and how active I felt. As a few more months went by and the weight loss started to alter my shape, my confidence increased significantly; I started to take pride in my appearance. I used to hate shopping for clothes – it was always a real chore – once I’d lost weight it was a revelation to be able to go into high street shops and find things that fit.

Another big change for me is that I’ve been able to keep the weight off. Joanne’s talks each week keep me motivated and focused so even when I have a challenging week I find it easy to get back on track. Every week I take on board Joanne’s advice; I’ve never questioned my food choices before, but some of the nutritional information Joanne teaches has led me to make BIG changes to my eating habits. Much to my wife’s delight (and surprise), I actually gave up my life-long love of Diet Coke and also dramatically cut down on red meat. We’ve taken Joanne’s Life Transformation Path as a family – we love Joanne’s classes and we are all healthier as a result.”