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“I found the community feeling within these classes really helpful. Joanne has incredible empathy with her clients.”

Karen 70lbs / 5 stone / 32 kgs

Karen says: “Like most people on some level I knew how to lose weight – eat less and move more – but what I struggled with was applying that knowledge regularly and consistently no matter what was going on in my life. Joanne helped me to understand what the root causes of my weight gain were and it is this that enabled me to make a more permanent change.

A traditional ‘diet club’ talking about points and recipes would not work for me. I needed to understand what triggered my behaviour towards food and develop strategies for changing this behaviour. Joanne’s Slimming Together classes offer a great blend of advice, information, coaching and encouragement. Her programme helped me clarify my goal and kept me motivated while educating me on how different foods affect our weight, energy, mood, and happiness. I also found the community feeling within these classes really helpful in gaining perspective and the comradery kept me focused despite the challenges along the way.

Joanne has incredible empathy with her clients, based on her life experience and extensive knowledge in this field. She is able to read people and know when we need comforting, coaching, or challenging in order to stay on track. I also found her book, Slim, Happy & Free an invaluable guide.