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“I feel so supported and I feel part of a team. I love Joanne’s teachings on overcoming self-defeating behaviours.”

Pippa 37lbs/ 2 stone 9lbs / 16.5 kgs

Pippa loves attending her weekly Slimming Together class and feels Joanne’s programme has benefited her mindset and emotional well-being as well as her physical health.

Pippa says: “I totally love this Slimming Together programme – it is so informative, particularly the cognitive behavioural therapy. I love Joanne’s teachings on overcoming self-defeating behaviours – she has helped me to stop being so hard on myself and enjoy my life more. I’ve also learned so much about nutrition – especially sugar. Joanne’s recipes are invaluable in helping me plan delicious healthy meals for myself and my family – there’s nothing complicated about the meals – they’re all easy to make.

Since starting Slimming Together, I’ve changed my outlook as well as my lifestyle choices. Losing weight is only part of the overall benefit I’m feeling. I have more confidence and I’ve tried so many new things from abseiling to dance classes and I’ve bought a new bicycle and I’m cycling everywhere. I’ve gone from someone who dreaded shopping for clothes to now absolutely loving it – I go shopping with my daughter and we have amazing fun.

Joanne has held my hand on this journey and I love attending her classes. She is so friendly and approachable. I have never felt judged. I feel so supported and I feel part of a team. Even on the occasional week if I didn’t lose weight – in fact, there were a couple of times I’d put a pound or two on, Joanne gave me only encouragement and positive endorsement. I completely recommend Joanne’s Life Transformation Diet and Slimming Together.”