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Authentic Confidence September/October 2024 NOW ENROLLING – Early Bird Price £275 till June 30th – £295 after June 30th

Authentic Confidence September/October 2024 NOW ENROLLING – Early Bird Price £275 till June 30th – £295 after June 30th


Authentic Confidence – Finding Balance in an Unstable World

Joanne created the essential Authentic Confidence Training Course to remind you of your natural value. Authentic Confidence flows from knowing your worth and embracing it. This course integrates essential life skills and assertiveness, emotional intelligence and spiritual development. The Authentic Confidence Training Course includes cognitive behavioural therapy, transpersonal psychology, and lessons from Joanne’s thirty-five-plus years as a leading personal development coach. Give yourself the life-enhancing gift of The Authentic Confidence Training Course today – make a positive investment – you are so worth it. A detailed description of this course is outlined below…


Course Dates

Joanne will teach the Authentic Confidence Training Course at The Belcroute Suite, Hotel de France, Jersey, commencing September 23rd 2024. The Authentic Confidence Training Course is a 10-hour course, taught in 4 parts, that will help you reclaim authority over your life and find inner resilience, In this increasingly unstable world, developing inner-stability is essential for peace of mind and health.

Authentic Confidence will run from 6.30pm till 9pm on 4 consecutive Monday evenings. The Hotel de France is one of Jersey’s most established hotels. The Belcroute Suite is comfortable and conducive to a positive course experience. To ensure that each participant of Authentic Confidence receives valuable, life-enhancing coaching, numbers will be strictly limited. If you’re ready to enrol, please go right ahead and purchase your place. If you’d like to secure your place by paying a deposit of £100, or if you’d like to receive a brochure by pdf, with the course prospectus, please email us at

Here are the dates for September/October 2024:

Part 1: Monday 23rd September from 6.30pm till 9pm

Part 2: Monday 30th September from 6.30pm till 9pm

Part 3: Monday 7th October from 6.30pm till 9pm 

Part 4: Monday 14th October from 6.30pm till 9pm

Authentic Confidence – Trusting Yourself to Handle Life as It Unfolds

We all like to feel confident. Yet, all too often people present a confident image while secretly battling fear and self-doubt. In a world where competition is rife and material growth is valued above spiritual growth – where the development of the intellect is valued above the development of emotional intelligence – many people accomplish and acquire great things, while finding that happiness, joy, and peace of mind eludes them.

Confidence is having trust in your ability to handle life as it unfolds. In the arena of daily life, we’re given many challenges. Keeping our hearts open during confrontations with difficult people and daily trials helps us develop resilience, courage, and compassion.

Joanne will explore your true spiritual identity to eliminate false, self-limiting beliefs that feed fear and diminish life-force. This course analyses life situations that affect us all and offers practical ways to develop self-trust.

You’ll receive substantial course modules, lovingly written by Joanne, with essential guidance and salient points to help you reflect on the sessions and absorb the teachings. The course materials include exercises, both introspective and action-oriented to help you continue the training once the course is completed. And the course modules are yours to keep forever.

Key Course Topics

  • * Your worth is beyond debate.- recognising your value
  • * Trusting yourself to handle life as it unfolds.
  • * Self-acceptance – transcending guilt and shame.
  • * Emotional intelligence – ending vicious cycles of self-defeating behaviours.
  • * Mind over fear – CBT tools to balance negative thoughts and relieve depression and anxiety naturally.
  • * Work-induced stress and PTSD – life skills for dealing with bullies.
  • * Never be a doormat – never be a bully! Being calm/assertive to quicken success in all areas of life.
  • * A practical look at key cosmic laws that affect our lives.
  • * Allowing no one to diminish you with their negative influence.
  • * The courage to be true to yourself.
  • * Life’s bigger picture: You are an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.
  • * The habits of Authentic Confidence. – and more…

Primary Course Outcomes

  • * New insights that inspire faith in yourself.
  • * Significant shift in perspective about self, others, and life.
  • * Tools for self-empowerment to help you become the authority of your life.
  • * Cognitive behavioural therapy tools to tame fear and turn self-doubt into self-trust.
  • * Life skills for dealing with difficult people and daily challenges.
  • * Practical exercises to help you experience more balanced and natural calm in daily life.
  • * Core values and behaviours to help you develop authentic confidence.
  • * New friends.

Notes on The Course

  • Please be assured that participants do not have to share anything personal with the others in the group. However, the group interaction is stimulating and fun, and all input is most welcome. Some participants prefer to listen and absorb; others enjoy participating. Each approach is welcome. We stop for a short break during the sessions to refresh. There’s Q & A time with Joanne. Participants will receive substantial course notes to help them review the course and benefit from the teachings for life. Joanne adds new writings and fresh teachings to each Authentic Confidence Training Course. 

Feedback on The Course

“This course was enlightening and it gave me so much to help me focus on my future with confidence and eagerness. Joanne’s teaching skills have left a powerful imprint and I know I have learned skills that will help me for years to come. No more hiding for me. I’m ready to become the person I always wanted to be. The Authentic Confidence course is worth all the time and cost – it really is life changing.” Emma Ward

“Joanne’s Authentic Confidence Course, and her Mindfulness & Forgiveness Course, have transformed my outlook – totally life transforming. If you’re thinking about it, just do it.” Nicki Ilton