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Slim, Happy & Free

Slim, Happy & Free


Based on Joanne’s book of the same title, the Slim, Happy & Free course imparts teachings on how to stop emotionally-driven self-defeating behaviours including overeating and drinking too much alcohol. As well as being a qualified nutritional therapist and cognitive behavioural therapist, Joanne is herself a recovered junk food addict. She is a respected expert in the field of reversing obesity. In this Slim, Happy & Free course, Joanne becomes your personal coach and helps you address the cause as well as the behaviours you might want to change. Slim, Happy & Free is an 8-hour course taught in a therapeutic environment to small groups of 12 to 20 people across four separate sessions each lasting 2-hours. A detailed description of this course is outlined below…


Course Dates

Joanne will teach this 8-hour course in 4 parts in Jersey and via Zoom – new dates will be announced soon. Sign up to receive our newsletter and be the first to know when new dates are announced; or contact us at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Ending Emotional Overeating and Yo-Yo Dieting

Do you want to end the cycle of overeating and increase your energy? Do you set your intention to make healthier lifestyle choices but then find yourself irresistibly drawn to repeating patterns of eating sugary, salty, or fatty foods, or drinking alcohol? Do you promise to change, but keep on making the same choices? Does feeling frustrated drive you to eat or drink more and not less?

As a former junk-food addict herself, Joanne has a profound understanding of the inner torment experienced by many overweight people, not to mention the intense physical cravings for junk foods. A pattern of negative self-judgement evokes emotional pain which so often leads to self-sabotage behaviour. In this intensive, Joanne teaches you how to recognise emotional triggers and she shares many strategies for change that worked for her and thousands of her clients over the decades.

This course integrates nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, transpersonal psychology, and aspects of life-management. There will be an emphasis on emotionally-driven self-defeating behaviours with clear guidance for positive change. Joanne has a proven record for helping people release the guilt, shame, and pain that trigger self-defeating behaviours and cause excess weight. She knows how to help you move forward. If you’re ready to break free from the cycle of overeating and/or drinking too much alcohol, this intensive course will help you move forward.  

Key Course Topics

  • * The available evidence suggests that 90 percent of people who lose weight regain it. How can you be one of the 10 percent who keep the weight off? How can you end the cycle of yo-yo dieting forever?
  • * How to develop emotional intelligence to stop binge eating and binge drinking.
  • * Practical nutrition; and how your diet affects your mood
  • * Dietary changes to curb cravings
  • * How to have a healthier relationship with yourself and with food
  • * Practical self-love; and going beyond self-love as merely a concept to learning how you can apply self-love each and every day.
  • * How to develop resilience and psychological flexibility.
  • * Making the critical shift from “dieting to fix something that’s broken” to making healthful dietary and lifestyle choices as a demonstration of self-worth, self-respect, and self-appreciation.
  • * Healing the loneliness of a hungry heart.
  • * Keeping your balance and ending stress eating and/or drinking.
  • * Releasing the habit of overeating or drinking to compensate for what you feel is missing from your life.
  • * How to be in the successful 10 percent who keep the weight off forever!

Primary Course Outcomes 

  • * A substantial inner shift and a healthier relationship with yourself.
  • * A healthier relationship with food as it becomes a source of physical fuel and nourishment and is no longer a weapon for self-harming or a substitute for love, intimacy, or affection.
  • * Knowledge of how food affects your mood and energy as well as your weight.
  • * Knowledge of what and how to eat to keep your mood naturally optimistic and energy level higher.
  • * Knowledge of how certain foods and beverages actually cause cravings for more, making you hungry.
  • * How to counteract cravings using nutrition.
  • * Training on overcoming resistance so that you can achieve your goals.
  • * New friends.

Notes on the course

  • Please be assured that participants do not have to share anything personal with the others in the group. However, the group interaction is stimulating and fun, and all input is most welcome. Some participants prefer to listen and absorb; others enjoy participating. Each approach is right and welcome. We do stop for short breaks during the longer sessions to refresh. There’s Q & A time with Joanne. Participants will receive a signed copy of Joanne’s book, Slim, Happy & Free. The Slim, Happy & Free intensive course does not include being weighed – this course is created entirely to nourish your mind and soul and to give you the tools you need to have a healthier relationship with yourself. A new way of life starts here.

Joanne Says

“People often tell me if they could lose weight, they’d be happy. I tell them if they could be happy they’d find it easier to lose weight. The body reflects its inhabitant – our spiritual well-being and our state of mind are reflected in our physical body. People come to me with a goal of losing weight – my goal for them is helping them increase their sense of self-worth – my goal is to help them increase their joy and confidence and feel at peace. To appreciate your precious human life, and to enjoy living; this is my goal for you.”